Statement From Irish National Liberation Army Prisoners Portlaoise
8 September 2001



Friends and comrades, people of Ireland,

Let us first say that we are proud beyond measure that are words are being brought to you by the son of Comrade Volunteer Mickey Devine on this the twenty anniversary of his death. 'Big Red" Mickey Devine was the last of our hunger strikers to die.

He was not the last hunger striker to die.

In Turkey today, over 600, men, women, prisoners, prisoners family members and friends, Are dying. They are dying in prisones, they are dying in their own homes and they are dying in Death Fast Houses. They are dying as we speak.

There are two that we know of, who are now entering the critical stages of the Death Fast. Resit Sari and Fatma Sener will soon die, like so many of their comrades have died in the months and weeks since October 20th 2000.

These are and were real people. Their 2000 comrades imprisoned by the Turkish state are real people too. They live, they love and they struggle for an idea. That idea is, that we all have value. That people should be free. Think about that.

We would as all here to take the next 30 seconds and think. Think about one thing.


If you think you are doing enough pat yourself on the back, but if you're doing nothing --


Talk a friend out of going to Turkey on holiday.

Better still go yourself and support the Death Fasters.

Put up posters, write to your TD, write letters to the papers and TV.


This is not a party political issue before the Irish people it is a humanitarian issue before the world. Don't let any more of these people die.

Victory to the Death Fasters, Freedom for the Turkish people!

Dessie O' Hare
O/C INLA Prisoners